• Ketone bodies are “the killers” being responsible for all subsequent negative effects (oxidative stress/ oxygen radicals)

  • Early detection and interference are key to prevent clinical effects and economical losses caused by ketone bodies! Go and check your dry cows’ feed intake and BCS on regular scale

  • Undetected subclinical ketosis can also lead to cellular damages, immunosuppression and in consequence increased incidence of secondary diseases e.g. mastitis, metritis and ketosis Go and check regularly blood BHBA levels of your fresh cows!

  • Did you ever wonder about your poor first service conception rates? SCK could be one of the causes you can fix to improve reproductive outcome.

  • Did you already know? Latest investigations reveal a strong correlation between excessive loss of BCS and increased risk of lameness. Go for our updated BCS Cowdition App to get in control of your herd.

  • Negative impact of (subclinical) ketosis on milk yields and subsequent diseases still seems to be underestimated Take your time to make a cost-benefit calculation

BCS - Body Condition Score

Body Condition Scoring (BCS) is an easy method used by farmers and veterinarians to assess the body fat reserves of dairy cows 77. If cows fail to meet their ideal BCS, farmers and veterinarians should take necessary actions.

Scoring Body Condition in Dairy Cows and monitoring over time can be a challenge for vets and farmers. Not meeting the required BCS for each respective stage of lactation, can lead to loss of milk production, impaired fertility, or costly disease treatments.

New BCS Cowdition App

New BCS Cowdition smartphone application from Bayer enhances ease and accuracy of body condition scoring for dairy cows

Assessment of Body Condition Score

  • 5-point Body Condition Scoring System 1 - 5
  • scaled in half and quarter grades

BCS 1 - very lean

BCS 2 - lean

BCS 3 - good

BCS 4 - fat

BCS 5 - very fat

BCS - Watch Points

Range of ideal Body Condition Scores

Stage of Lactation Score
Calving 3.0 – 3.75
1 month p.p. 2.5 – 3.25
Mid-lactation 2.75 – 3.25
Late lactation/Drying-off 3.0 – 3.5

Physiological fluctuation of BCS in HF cows

Under-conditioned cow - increased lameness 46, 47

Under-conditioned cow - increased lameness
Under-conditioned cow - increased lameness

600 Holstein Frisian cows over 44 month:1

  • Body Condition Scoring every 2 month
  • Monthly control by claw trimmer
  • 1510 cases of lameness
    • sole ulcer (39 %)
    • sole bruising (13 %)
    • dermatitis digitalis (10 %)
    • white line disease (8 %)

Lean cows (BCS < 2,5) have a 1,5 to 2,2 higher risk of lameness due to the shrinkage of digital cushion.

* see also our references page